Ruby Red was born out of grief. She’s nine. She’s spunky. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She appeared out of the blue and stole the first line of my next novel. She took off running and I’ve been tagging along ever since.

It’s difficult to make sense of life after both your sister and brother die within a few months of each other like Ruby’s did. Her whole world turned upside down so Ruby turned to blogging to try and put things “right” again.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Flight 370

How can a airplane just disappear? I wish Rubin was here to tell me ‘bout it…how it crashed ‘n why it was flyin’ in the wrong direction. People from all over the world can’t figure what done went wrong. Even if Rubin wadn’t dead he’d still have an idea ‘bout it. Rubin ‘n Daddy woulda been sittin’ in front a the computer lookin’ stuff up ‘n ‘analyzin’ the data.’ Rubin was always analyzin’ somethin’.

When that plane crashed, I hope it was a peaceful dyin’ for all them people like the way Rubin died. I mean I hope they didn’t have no sufferin’ or bein’ scared. I can see Rubin in heaven talkin’ to them pilots ‘n tryin’ to get everbody’s take on everthing. Rubin never did run outta questions. I recon he’s even askin’ God questions.

I wonder does everbody talk to God in heaven? I mean like walk right up to him ‘n just say whatever they want to? I wonder if people in heaven are still people or are they angels? And I wonder if they ask God ‘bout us…if Rubin asks God ‘bout me?

While he was here he mostly done the talkin’ for both a us. I didn’t do much talkin’ back then. I just listened to him ‘n Daddy ‘n Grampa discussin’ stuff ‘n arguin’ ‘bout what they was talkin’ ‘bout’. That was ‘nuff for me. Sides I didn’t know what to say most a the time anyway.

When Rubin died I watched him take a piece a my heart right outta me ‘n now sometimes I feel like that part a me has done gone missin’. I ain’t the same like I was. I’m different. Grandma says I’m outgoin’ now ‘cause I don’t have Rubin to hide behind. This time I think Grandma’s wrong. I wadn’t hidin’ behind Rubin. I guess you could say that Rubin was my hero. I liked listin’ to him more’en anybody. He made me laugh. I have friends now ‘n kittens too ‘n I love ‘em all. But I only have ‘em cause a Rubin bein’ gone.

Is this a answer to what grief is? 

Ruby's Contest Winner is:
Judy Baker from Salt Lake City

Congratulations, Judy!


Judy Baker said...

Thanks Ruby, I love all your friends and excited to get your mug.

Unknown said...

Just can't wait each week to see what sweet Ruby is thinkin about !

Shelia Rudesill said...

Thank you for reading Ruby's posts. She thinks about a lot. Grieving is a difficult thing and it helps to have people who care.

Shelia Rudesill said...

Your mus was mailed, hopefully you'll get it tomorrow! Thanks for making Ruby a part of your life!