Ruby Red was born out of grief. She’s nine. She’s spunky. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She appeared out of the blue and stole the first line of my next novel. She took off running and I’ve been tagging along ever since.

It’s difficult to make sense of life after both your sister and brother die within a few months of each other like Ruby’s did. Her whole world turned upside down so Ruby turned to blogging to try and put things “right” again.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ruby Red: The Pink Bedroom

A couple years ago Daddy painted the bedroom I shared with Loraine bright blue. I wanted pink but somebody had went ’n told Loraine that pink makes girls weak so she talked Mama into bright blue. I don’t know ’bout pink makin’ me weak. Pink is my favorite color. I like to wear pink ’n I have lots a pink stuff. Now that the room is just mine Mama said we could paint it pink or any color I got my heart set on but not ’til it needs paintin’ again which isn’t gonna be anytime soon. Blue makes me feel blue ’n then I start feelin’ sad for myself bein’ lonely ’n all. I’m glad I got Bondi & JB to keep me company in this blue room cause they make me happy with all their jokey ways.

Yesterday while I was at school Mama packed up all Loraine’s stuff ’cept her books ’n took it to the women’s shelter store over in Pittsboro. She kinda spread my stuff out so maybe I wouldn’t notice Loraine’s stuff bein’ gone. But I did notice…right away ’n I started cryin’. Mama bit her lip ’n went to the kitchen to get herself a cup a coffee ’n me a cinnamon roll she bought at the new bakery next door to the shelter store. I followed her to the kitchen ’n poured myself a glass a milk. We both sat down at the kitchen table ’n tried not to cry more. Mama said she packed a old trunk with all the things that was special to Loraine ’n Rubin. She said that someday her ’n Daddy ’n me would sit down ’n look at everthing ’n member all the good things ’bout both a them. Then she told me that she done cleaned out Rubin’s room too ’n was makin’ it a proper guest room for when Grandma ’n Grandpa visit. I hadn’t been to Rubin’s room since…you know…he left us. I’m scared to see it all gussied up for Grandma.

Jessie Mobley came over to play with Bondi ’n JB ’n Mama dished her up a cinnamon roll ’n a glass a milk too. Jessie Mobley told us that a girl somewheres near Chicago killed her sister with a kitchen knife cause she was mad at her. I didn’t want to eat more a the cinnamon roll when I heard that. Me ’n Loraine used to argue sometimes but neither one a us ever got that mad. Hearin’ that made me feel all sad again. I want my sister back ’n that girl killed hers. It’s not fair…people not appreciatin’ what they have.

While we was talkin’ bout it Jessie Mobley’s Mama called my Mama ’n invited me to spend the weekend at their house. She said we could go to the movies ’n see “Frozen” ’n then even go to the Greensboro Ice House to go ice skatin’. Mama said yes so Jessie Mobley helped me pack while those kittens hopped in ’n outta my suitcase. Jessie Mobley ’n me laughed so hard ’til we couldn’t hardly stop.

When I got back home on Sunday I got a big surprise. My bedroom was painted the perttiest shade a baby pink. The bunk beds was gone ’n there was twin beds with ruffly pink ’n green spreads ’n rose heart shaped pillows. In the middle b’tween the beds was a white night stand with a bright pink chandelier lamp on it. I started smilin’. I sat down on one a the beds ’n hugged one a them soft pillows to my heart. “Guess you like your surprise,” Daddy said. “Oh, I do!” I said ’n hugged his neck. Mama stood in the doorway ’n smiled. Bond ’n JB jumped up on the bed then sat beside me ’n just purred. I looked at Daddy ’n Mama ’n said, “Purrrrrrrrrrrr!” ‘N that made ’em smile more ’n laugh even.

That night I felt like a princess in my pink room. In a way I missed the bright blue that made Loraine so happy. Or maybe I just missed Loraine. I could see her in Heaven. I could see her welcome that little girl who got stabbed. I knew then that Loraine ’n Rubin ’n that little girl probably didn’t miss people down here. I fell asleep watchin’ ’em sing ’n dance together in a place as beautiful ’n wonderful as my new pink bedroom.
This here is me 'n Jessie Mobley


Judy Baker said...

Love the girls. Are they creations of Bud's artistic ability?

Beatriz McDavid said...

Fabulous, Shelia! I love Jessie Mobley and JB! You're on a roll!! Keep the writing and art coming!

Shelia Rudesill said...

No. Everyone asks me that! They're mine. It's like making dolls or paper dolls. It's like cutting & pasting. It's kindergarten compared to what Bud does. But it keeps me busy and has greatly helped me heal. Ruby just happened...I didn't try to think her up. I started writing one day and she took over!

Shelia Rudesill said...

I didn't realize until after JB was named that he has James Bond's initials. Weird. Wonder if that was a subliminal message....