Ruby Red was born out of grief. She’s nine. She’s spunky. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She appeared out of the blue and stole the first line of my next novel. She took off running and I’ve been tagging along ever since.

It’s difficult to make sense of life after both your sister and brother die within a few months of each other like Ruby’s did. Her whole world turned upside down so Ruby turned to blogging to try and put things “right” again.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ruby Red: The Lonely Kitten

I been feelin’ so lonely sometimes that it hurts my heart bad. I told Mama about it today ’n she put her hand on mine ’n squeezed it. Then I told her ’bout bein’ mean with Jessie Mobley when she tried to play with Bondi ’n I didn’t want her to. Mama said what I was feelin’ was normal ’n that I should pologize to Jessie. I just sat at the kitchen table ’n tried to think how to pologize. While I was sittin’ there watchin’ Mama look up a recipe on the computer ’n thinkin’ ’bout Jessie Mobley, Bondi hopped up to my lap. “Mama,” I said. “James Bond gets lonely too, specially while I’m at school ’n you ’n Daddy are workin’.” Mama looked at me ’n folded her arms cross her chest. “Next thing you’re going to do is ask for another kitten, isn’t it?” My heart ’bout stopped. Mama just sat there lookin’ at me. “Another kitten?” I asked, feelin’ real happy all of a sudden like maybe I couldn’t get another sister or brother like Jessie Mobley did but I could get another kitten ’n then Bondi started to meow real loud like he knew what we was talkin’ ’bout. I poured him a taste ’a milk in his bowl ’n then asked Mama real nice like, “Can I get another kitten?” Mama just shook her head ’n said to ask Daddy at dinner.

I couldn’t hardly wait ’til Daddy got home ’n I didn’t have to ask ’bout another kitten ’cause in he came through the garage door with a cardboard box ’n handed it to me. “This here’s James Bond’s true brother.” I looked in the box ’n there was the funniest lookin’ kitty all rolled in a ball. He’s all kinda colors ’n stripes ’n spots ’n he got the bluest eyes I ever seen. My mouth popped wide open but b’fore I could say one word Daddy started talkin’ again. “The lady at the shelter called yesterday ’n asked if we’d adopt him since he was the last a the litter ’n needed a home real bad.”

I took that kitty outta the box ’n he was shiverin’ up a storm. I held him real gentle like ’n kissed his head right b’tween his ears like I do for Bondi ’n sure ’nough he started purrin’. I held him for a while longer ’n petted him ’n kissed him again.

When I put him on the floor next to Bondi he arched his back ’n hopped side-ways cross the floor like he was a scared Halloween cat. Then he reared up on his back legs like a big ’ole buckin’ bull ’n Daddy laughed. “He must be Bushwacker’s son…looks just like him.” Bushwacker is a champion buckin’ bull ‘n Daddy was right…that kitty did look an awful lot like him. I don’t know if new kitty recognized Bondi ’n was doin’ a happy dance or if he was a wild thing but next thing he done was run into the livin’ room ’n climb right up the rockin’ chair to the very top ’n started it rockin’ ’n rode it just like JB Mauney rides a buckin’ bull. Then I knew I was gonna call that kitty JB after the new world champion bull rider ’n my favorite cowboy. B’sides JB Mauney just lives down the road a piece from Grandma ’n Grampa’s house in Mooresville.

It took a good while for JB to run outta steam ’n when he did he sat down right next to Bondi ’n gave him a big lick right cross his nose. My insides went all melty. Those brothers look so cute together—Bondi so handsome ’n elegant ’n JB lookin’ like somebody went plum crazy with a paintbrush.
I had to tell Jessie Mobley ’bout JB. So I picked up the phone ’n called her. She wadn’t a bit mad at me. She said we was still best friends ’n if I wanted to jump off a bridge she wouldn’t jump with me but she’d be at the bottom to catch me. What Jessie Mobley told me fit into a big empty place inside my heart. I sat down on the floor ’n both kitties jumped into my lap. I don’t think me or Bondi are ever gonna be lonely again.


Judy Baker said...

ahhhh...Bondi has a friend. We all need friends. My mom told me that if you live your entire life with only one true friend, you're a blessed person.

Shelia Rudesill said...

I believe your mom, Judy. A friend can ease the pain and increase the joy in our lives!

Rick Bylina said...


Beatriz McDavid said...

I LOVE how this story is progressing!